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Inside a Haas rotary

Haas T5C Tilting Multi-axis Indexing UnitHaas CNC machine tools, CNC mills and CNC lathes

Haas T5C Specifications
Max Speed 0.001 to 60 °/sec  0.001 to 60 °/sec
Max Torque 210 ft-lb  285 Nm
Runout Max 0.0005 "  0.013 mm
Backlash 30 arc-sec   30 arc-sec
Center Height 6.000 ±0.001 "  152.40 ±0.03 mm
Gear Ratio 90:1    90:1
Timing 2:1    2:1
Brake Torque @ 100 psi/6.9 bar 200 ft-lb  271 Nm
Max Speed 0.001 to 410 °/sec  0.001 to 410 °/sec
Max Torque 60 ft-lb  81 Nm
Nose Thread 2 3/16" - 10  
Runout Max 0.0004 "  0.010 mm
Backlash 40 arc-sec   40 arc-sec
Center Height 6.000 ± 0.001 "  152.40 ± 0.03 mm
Gear Ratio 60:1    60:1
Collet size std 5C (1/64 - 1 1/16) "  std 5C 0.4 - 27 mm
Max Rotation/Step ±120 °  ±120 °
Resolution 0.001 °  0.001 °
Accuracy (±) 15 arc-sec   15 arc-sec
Repeatability 10 arc-sec   10 arc-sec
Worm Gear Dia 6.3 "  160 mm
Max Rotation/Step 999.999 °  999.999 °
Resolution 0.001 °  0.001 °
Accuracy (±) 30 arc-sec   30 arc-sec
Repeatability 10 arc-sec   10 arc-sec
Worm Gear Dia 2.8 "  71 mm
Air Pressure Max 120 psi  8.3 bar
Operating Temp (max ambient) 100 °F  38 °C
Duty Cycle full/low speed 50/100 %  50/100 %
Power Required – 1-Axis Control 115 VAC ± 10% @ 15 A   115 VAC ± 10% @ 15 A
Air Pressure Max 120 psi  8.3 bar
Operating Temp (max ambient) 100 °F  38 °C
Duty Cycle full/low speed 75% @ full speed   75% @ full speed
Power Required – 1-Axis Control 115 VAC ± 10% @ 15 A   115 VAC ± 10% @ 15 A
Table 255  lb  116 kg
Brushless Control – 1-Axis 14.2  lb  6.4 kg

Coldon Engineering Limited
“The Haas service is great. They always have the spares we need in stock, don’t charge the earth for them, and as long as we call their service department before 4:30pm they’ll get the parts to us first thing next morning. If we need a service engineer to visit they’ll be here the same day or within 24hrs. I fully recommend Haas.”    

Greenwich University
“The service that the University has received from Haas has been exemplary, from the initial decision making stage, through the sales and ordering process, installation and after sales support. 

“We’re able to call the applications department for advice and they’ve always managed to provide us with the solutions we need, whether over the telephone or in person. Haas have given us some CNC control simulators, so our students can test their programming skills without the danger of crashing one of our real Haas machines. The training that Haas offers has proved invaluable both to students and staff.”    

BBR Engineering Limited
“The service we’ve had from Haas has been excellent. Our VF-3 vertical developed a problem, which we reported at 11 o’clock that morning. By 2 o’clock we’d confirmed with the Haas service department that we needed a new spindle and that a technician would be with us the next day. He arrived at 8 o’clock the next morning, with a new spindle, which was fitted and aligned that day. The machine has been faultless ever since.”    

Titan Motorsport Limited
“I’m a big fan of Haas and currently have over 20 of their CNC machines. We’ve got a service contract, so our machines are frequently serviced and are very reliable. If we ever have a problem, the Haas service engineers are with us within 24hrs. For example, the other day, one of our machines was showing a low oil pressure warning. The service engineer arrived early the next day and fitted a new pump.”    

Woodbridge Engineering Limited
“We’ve always had great service and support from Haas. To give an example; one of our operators knocked the spindle on our SL-30 lathe out of alignment. The Haas service engineer was here the following day, with all the parts he needed and fixed the machine.”    

Headline Filters Limited
“Over the years I’ve always been very pleased with the consistently high level of service we get from Haas. On the occasions when our older machines develop a fault, a simple telephone call to Haas reception is all that’s required to get in touch with the Service Department & then to an Engineer. The Engineers are excellent at diagnosing faults & in many cases the problem can be dealt with over the phone in order to keep our production going.

“In all cases, every possible part that could be required is shipped in for the Engineer. Any parts not required are collected the next day & are never installed unless absolutely required. This honest philosophy, together with realistically priced spare parts ans highly competent staff make the upkeep of even our older machines viable. I look forward to many more years dealing with Haas.”      

Member of the British Safety Council

Haas CNC MTA membership lathes and mills

Member of the Manufacturing Technologies Association

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